Savanna will take you along a ride through cultural familiarities, all the while passing by liminal experiences that illustrate the importance of being receptive and open-minded in an ever-shrinking world.

Her exclusive records cover a range of subjects from love to death, food to music, which harmoniously form this book.

The book is presented in a very non-linear progressive manner, opening and closing chapters with a new theme and lesson in mind. Each chapter has its own unique story and purpose, but they all aim together toward the same goal – the acquisition and distribution of wisdom. Meanwhile, each story has an opener in the form of an African proverb or a Kanga saying, meant to help one connect them to the stories told.

After experiencing joyous love and heartaches, insecurities and swelling pride, abuses and tender reinforcements, Savanna comes out of the callous jungle of life on top, roaring her victorious cries over the plains of Africa.