Can a song save a kingdom?

When King Polipoli discovers his wife caused the sickness of his child and the weakness of other members of the Lamellia Kingdom, he imprisons her.

But is Queen Nobilia really guilty after all? What is the mystery of her sad song? Does a strange wizard in the green forest have the answers? Or will they harm the kingdom further?

Get your copy now to find out the answers and reveal to your children the importance of being kind or brave and the consequences of our actions.

Can a human baby possibly be a mushroom?

When King Polipoli, the ruler of Lamellia, finds a human baby in his mushroom kingdom, he adopts it immediately to satisfy his wife’s desire to be a mother.

But when the baby mysteriously grows weaker and weaker under the queen’s care, suspicions start to arise.

What is the queen doing to the baby? How did the baby get there? Will it survive and fulfil its purpose before it’s too late?

Get your copy now to find out the answers and reveal to your children the importance of showing kindness, following the rules and understanding consequences.

Can a lost baby girl find a new home in a world of enchanted, talking mushrooms?

King Polipoli is kind to all who enter his magical kingdom. When he learns that a human baby girl needs his help, he sends out all his mushroom troops to rescue her.

But the journey won’t be easy. After all, how can the little fungi carry a baby? Or feed her? Mushrooms of all shapes, sizes, and species must use teamwork and creativity to bring the girl safely to the king’s castle.

Lamellia: The Kingdom of Mushrooms is a delightful educational picture book for children. During the fun-filled adventure, your children will discover the importance of kindness, tolerance, and acceptance.

If your child likes seeing beautiful illustrations, learning about nature, and using their imagination, then they’ll love this charming fantasy tale.

Journey to Lamellia today to have a fun time with fungi!

Can an albino cow possess abilities to be admired by other cows?

Anjait (Jai) is Ankole cow who lived with her family in Kole Hills. Jai suffers from albinism. Other cows thought she was cursed. One day, Jai shocked other cows for doing something that no other cow did before. She also surprised them with a magical skill.

What is it that Jai did as the first ever cow? Will her actions and skill help bring love and respect to albino cows?

Get your copy now to find out the answers and reveal to your children the importance of showing kindness and respect to everyone, even if they look different.

~ ~ ~

Je, ng’ombe zeruzeru anaweza kuwa na uwezo wa kustaajabiwa na ng’ombe wengine?

Anjait (Jai) alikuwa ni ng’ombe wa kitutsi anayeishi na familia yake kwenye vilima vya Kole. Jai alikuwa ni zeruzeru. Ng’ombe wengine walifikiri ana laana. Siku moja aliwashangaza ng’ombe wenzie kwa kufanya kitu kwa mara ya kwanza. Aliwapa mshangao zaidi kwa uwezo wake wa kimiujiza.

Ni kitu gani alifanya Jai kama ng’ombe wa kwanza? Je matendo na uwezo wake yanaweza leta upendo na heshima kwa ng’ombe zeruzeru?

Jipatie nakala yako ili kupata majibu na uwafundishe watoto wako umuhimu wa kuonyesha upendo na heshima kwa kila mtu, hata kama mwonekano wao ni tofauti.

Je, yawezekana kusoma kitabu bila kuhusisha masomo na mandhari ya darasani? Je, yawezekana kumhamasisha mtoto apende kusoma vitabu kama utamaduni wake?

Kitabu hiki kina nia moja kuu: Kumfanya mtoto apende kusoma vitabu. Lakini kabla ya kufanikisha hilo, inabidi tumueleweshe mtoto wetu kwanza kwa nini vitabu ni muhimu katika maisha yake.

Tumemwandikia mtoto wetu barua zenye mifano mbalimbali kuhusu umuhimu na uhondo wa vitabu. Tunatumaini kuwa barua hizi zitampa kiu ya kutaka kuthibitisha yaliyoandikwa humo.

Basi wewe mzazi, mwalimu na mlezi, jipatie kitabu hiki kama unataka kumpa nafasi mtoto wa jamii yetu kujenga tabia ya usomaji vitabu akiwa shuleni, nyumbani au popote.

Pata nakala (print on demand) kwa kupiga namba ya simu +255 755 978 786.

Winner of John E Weaver Excellent Reads Book Award (in the Children’s: Adventure category)

Danloria tells a story of a little boy Stan who enjoyed visits to the forest with his father. One day, his dad fell sick, and Stan was led to the forest without his father by wise Fern. It was during this adventure that their friendship was sealed. During this forest visit, Stan was introduced to prominent residents of the forest and told of their benefits to human life. On one unfortunate occasion, Stan fell sick. The healing process introduced him to more friends of Fern from forests all over the world. These encounters formed an everlasting memory on the little boy.

This book is a blend of fantasy, adventure and education. The story is enchanting for readers young and old alike if you are a fan of Beatrix Potter and the Brothers Grimm. The different styles for each drawing makes each turn of the page a brand new experience. Danloria is written for children under seven.

This book consists of nursery rhymes, songs and Swahili folk tales.

In Tanzania, oral lore is a common tradition of transmitting stories from one generation to another. The stories were written and submitted by school children from Manundu Primary School in my hometown Korogwe, Tanzania.
The nursery rhymes, songs and animal facts were inspired by memories from school time and also a wish to instil children with an appreciation for the wild animals, especially those belonging to the List of Threatened Animals.

For every child who wishes to explore their wild and fun side, just flick through the pages and get acquainted with the Swahili folklore and Tanzanian wildlife. Tanzania warmly welcomes you. ‘Karibu sana.’

Do you know what diamond poems are?

Do you want your children to learn how to write diamond poems?

As you turn each page, do you want to be welcomed by illustrations drawn by children of diverse origin and different age groups?

Then read this book.