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Although a child’s picture book, 'Jai the Albino Cow' is a moving story for all ages, and would be an excellent book for parents and children to share together.

Self-Publishing Review

'Let's Go Walking in the Storm' is just gorgeous. Truly. The range of poetry that melds into each other while at the same time channeling the balanced authority and questioning of Gonsalves' voice is something I've not found in a long, long time.

Asher SyedReviewed for Readers' Favorite

'Lamellia: The Kingdom of Mushrooms' by Gloria D. Gonsalves is highly original, and comes from a place that not many children’s writers, since the times of C.S. Lewis, dare to venture these days.

Lysa GrantReviewed for Self-Publishing Review (SPR)

A colorful and creative A-Z guide to flowers, Alphabet of Flowers by Gloria D. Gonsalves is a children's book that can be appreciated by anyone unfamiliar with our floral friends.

Self-Publishing Review

Gloria D. Gonsalves's 'Jai the Albino Cow' is an enchanting fable that addresses the serious problems facing albinos in some parts of the world where they are considered, like Jai, to be cursed or to be the bringers of bad luck.

Jack MagnusReviewed for Readers' Favorite

Her message is for every last one of us and 'Let’s Go Dancing in the Light' provides just that – light and nourishment for our weary spirits and the souls.

Marta TandoriReviewed for Readers' Favorite

Gonsalves’s colorful picture story book, 'Lamellia: The Kingdom of Mushrooms', is a charming fantasy tale that also teaches young readers about the different kinds of mushrooms in the forests.

Emily-Jane Hills OrfordReviewed for Readers' Favorite

'Alphabet of Flowers' is a great educational tool for young readers and a treasure to enjoy.

Emily-Jane Hills OrfordReviewed for Readers' Favorite