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“Jai The Albino Cow” is named Gold Award Winner in the Literary Titan Book Awards.

About the book
Can an albino cow possess abilities to be admired by other cows?

Anjait (Jai) is Ankole cow who lived with her family in Kole Hills. Jai suffers from albinism. Other cows thought she was cursed. One day, Jai shocked other cows for doing something that no other cow did before. She also surprised them with a magical skill.

What is it that Jai did as the first ever cow? Will her actions and skill help bring love and respect to albino cows?


Lamellia: The Kingdom of Mushrooms” and “Lamellia: The Wicked Queen” are named Silver Award Winners in the Literary Titan Book Awards.

About the books
Lamellia series is a story of a human child found in the kingdom of mushrooms. What will the mushrooms do? Will they accept it or reject it? The king decides to adopt it. But how will they care for it? The mushrooms unite using their different skills to ensure the baby lives happily in the kingdom. But when the baby mysteriously grows weaker and weaker under the queen’s care, suspicions start to arise. What is the queen doing to the baby? How did the baby get there? Will it survive and fulfil its purpose before it’s too late?

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