Poem: A Mother’s Prayer

Reworked art by the author from original sunflower art by 5-year-old Wesley

I pray for a miracle,
to keep his yellow sea,
bearing waves of laughter,
from the time of birth
to these times of horror.

Merciful skies, hear me
and send the sun,
in degrees of pride,
with rays of courage,
to the cities and suburbs
of my son’s heart,
even when it rains bombs
in his yellow sea.


* A very happy birthday to Carolyn Hastings’s five-year-old grandson, Wesley, who inspired us with his single sunflower drawing.

** The poem is an ode to all the Ukrainian mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts whose sons, grandsons, brothers, nephews, and male relatives are in the war zone as civilians or soldiers. It is also my humble and equally defiant prayer as a mother whose son was born in Kyiv, i.e., no matter the pain and ache, may all those affected by this war outshine the darkness veiling their once sunflower lives.

*** First published on Medium Platform.

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