Poem: January 2021

Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay

Open the door or windows,
and come in, my dear January.
I want to hear all about it;
your journey to this new year.
I have been sitting and waiting;
Oh! You have brought snow and know
to cover the sounds of distractions.
How you know me well by now.

I looked and looked for you
in the recordings of past fireworks
where goals and resolutions shot
into the skies of a new beginning.
I touched and touched the aches
hoping to find love in the wounds
charred in the drag of sitting inside,
waiting for the healers to arrive.
I dreamt and dreamt of you
coming in the storms of silence
twisting through the chimneys
like a genie in the winter smoke.

Now that you are here, I can begin
the feast of being reborn as if December:
jingling your crispy bells to rid of spells,
adorning myself in the sparkle of snow,
singing and drinking your twilights,
and waking up to life as the blessed,
the forgiven, the healed, and the redeemed.
Your arrival, quiet and different this time,
yet so meaningful than ever before.
I now understand that your arrival wish
is to unwrap you, like a longed-for gift.

*First published on PS: I Love You on Medium

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