Poetry Movie: Delirium of Memories by Gloria D. Gonsalves

On September 2016, we visited the island of Corsica. Our first week was spent in the heart of a Corsican mountain village, Mazzola. On the second week, we stayed between Olmeto, a village perched on a mountainside and the coastal town of Propriano, found on the coast of south-west Corsica.

This poem is a bundle of moments shared with my husband in the mountain village. One night, I was in bed reading a book. Then I got the urge to open the window. All the village lights were out. It was a starry night. I sat on the chair next to the window and continued looking outside. It was serene and magical.

That night I drafted a poem as an sms to my beloved. For the remainder of the holiday, I was redrafting and rewriting. After my return home, I embarked on the task of polishing. The poem is now given to you too. Enjoy it!

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