Poetry Movie: We Are Earth (A Speech Poem)

Distinguished citizens of the Earth.

On behalf of the hills and valleys, mountains and glaciers, animals and plants, deserts and oceans, rocks and silts, the core and atmosphere, I pass on their greetings to you.

From the moment of creation we have wandered and acted freely on Earth.
We owe our being to Earth.

The sumptuous green of endless pastures, as well as the colorful blooms, that feast our eyes with admiration.
The dramatic forms of highest peaks, as well as the mighty natural falls, that take our breath away.
The lashing pure rains, as well as the spectacular rainbows, that nourish our souls with magic.
The exotic species, as well as indigenous us, that enrich with colourful diversity.

At times our irresponsible and denial behaviours threaten the sources of what we are.
The fauna and flora choose to extinct away from calamities we keep creating.
The fear that dissipates the fresh air we breathe in the fumes of polluting gases.
The rubbish that smear the natural canvas with seepages of sickening artistry.

Gentleness is a gallery yearned to fuse our dreams with lived moments.
Respect given is a rightful earned jewel by every living species.
Dignity returned is a crown longed by all our kingdoms.

Earth is overwhelmed by our indifferences to its loveliness.
Earth is craving to crack our hearts with unbearable wonder.
Earth is ready to keep giving us endless vitality and beauty.

What we did yesterday is forgiven.
What we are doing today is significant.
What we will do tomorrow is untimely.

The actions we do today, whatever the challenges, we have to care.
However questionable it may sound to you and others, we have to care.
That we owe it to future living and Earth, we have to care.

We must create a nation, known to be not of humans only.
Where everything of nature become a citizen too.
That human and nature proudly proclaim, “We are Earth.”

We are born on Earth.
We owe our being to Earth.
We are Earth.

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