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I joined Letters Live in their #ReadALetter campaign by writing and reading a letter to anyone in isolation, to add a bit of sunshine in their life. The letter focus is on the dandelion flower because it reminds us that even though considered a weed plant, the dandelion is considered by some a symbol of fighting through the challenges of life and emerging victorious on the other side. Others use it as a visual reminder of the sun’s power, especially when hopelessness or grief makes it hard to stay sunny.

Beloved one in isolation,

I went out to the meadows and met the sun bringers. You know, those simple little yellow flowers cursed as weeds. Dandelions have been trying to reach you. Could you please open the curtain, just a little bit? Perfect, that will do. Now, sit and listen to what they want to tell you.

Today, we are going to chase after the sun.

Go to the kitchen. Open your cupboard and take out any type of flour. Feel the sunlight that helped the grain to grow. Open the fridge and take out some eggs. Perform a golden tune when breaking them. Fry sunny side-ups and watch the sun tremble with delight. Butter your bread with sunshine. Take a lemon and smell the sunrise. Take a mango and eat the sun in flesh. Take a banana, peel and eat the sunset.

Go to your work desk. Sit down and create the sun and its rays using any stationery item such as yellow post-it notes.

Go out in the garden. Kneel on the meadow and shake hands with the sun bringers. They are your solar system of many suns. Pick some to bring inside for jelly making.

Go to the living room. Choose a window with less delight. Paint solar images on it. Smile to evoke the sun vitamin. See the sun winking back at you. The sun is alone but shows up every day even on cloudy days. Feel kissed in the warmth of the sun.

Go to the bedroom. Put the lights on. Watch it transform into a field of sunflowers. Lay your worries and grief in the yellow.

Go to the bathroom. Look in the mirror and draw a sun the size of your head. Give it rays using a toiletry item. Next, write sun-kissed and draw a body part next to it.

Go to sleep knowing that the power of the sun is in the simple and common.

In this time of pandemic gloom, chase the sun in your moments. Always remember, you are closer to the sun wherever life is.

Yours in isolation too,


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