At This Point We Are All Wrong

I am not an expert on politics, neither do I intend to be. I avoid discussing it. My acquaintance with it is through the media. I no longer watch the TV news. Most news is sad. It makes me teary and helpless.

Every fighting side has a reality that is possibly greyed with truth and lies. There is no more justification for who is right or wrong. At this point, we are all wrong.

There is something that all of us can do. By God, there must be. If poetry is the foundation of civilized life, then I shall write those verses fearlessly. However, will those concerned read it? I doubt it. As such, I admit that my chosen weapon of poetry is a coward one.

May courage of a hand shake be bestowed upon Palestine and Israel!


This wish of
bravery to climb until
rockets and sirens stop

This preach of
morality we public do yet
silenced with missiles

This civilisation of
images we dream to
have on our TV shuttered

This truce of
a peaceful settlement has
become shredded ground

This war that
nobody understands is
stealing innocent memories

This bravery of
tolerance and acceptance
has become a chased

This wish of
bravery to unite all is
mocked by cowardliness

This reality of
madness greyed with
truth and lies has to stop

©Gloria D. Gonsalves

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