Parody Poem: Still I Reappear

With apologies to Maya Angelou, this is a parody of the poem ‘Still I Rise’.

You may write me down in history,
With your new love affair,
You may shrug me off,
But, still like love, I reappear.

Do our memories upset you?
Why are you plagued with denial?
‘Cause I linger in your dreams,
As if we are still together.

Just like kisses and touches,
Given by one’s great love,
Just like forbidden thoughts,
Still I’ll reappear.

Did you want to see me cry?
Heartbroken and sleepless?
My spirit walking like a zombie.
Drained by craving feelings.

Does my foxiness offend you?
Don’t you worry a tad bit,
‘Cause I am that fantasy,
You so much want to bed.

You may belittle me with your attitude,
You may erase me with your silence,
You may deny us with your vows,
But still, like love, I’ll reappear.

Does my body tempt you?
Does it worry you
That it’s me you are touching
In your rendezvous bed?

Bearing the female skills that I was gifted,
I am your woman, a virgin and a harlot.
I reappear
I reappear
I reappear.

*First published by Parody Poetry Journal Volume 4 Issue 2

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