Thank You to All Children Artists


Today I want to do one thing – be grateful.

My three published children’s books would not have been complete without all the children who participated by contributing illustrations and in one particular book with Swahili stories. It was and still is my intention to inspire children to wish to draw or perhaps write a book of their own someday. By drawing or telling a story, I hope this intention is slightly fulfilled, if not completely met.

Diamonds Forever, Swahili Folklore and Danloria have been joyful writing journeys for me, and I sincerely hope it was the same for all the participated children. It is not an easy task to coordinate efforts, especially when involving different countries, time schedules and above all adhere to one important requirement – it has to be fun. If a child does not feel like drawing, we let it be so. This obligation is important to me because I wish for any child who draws for my books to enjoy that experience. With that however is the difficulty of collecting enough images. Nevertheless I have managed to collect enough to date.

My wish is to continue this practice and hoping that next time I place a call in any of my social media platforms, parents will trust my intentions and react to that call.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart to (by alphabetical order):

Ahlam MOHAMED, Tanzania
Aichi Margareth MASARO, Tanzania
Aliyah SALIM, Tanzania/United Kingdom
Amy LUCAS, Germany/USA
Andrea PERRIN, Canada/Tanzania
Anna Linn PULS, Germany
Benedict FEDERHEN, Germany
Brenda LEMA, USA/Tanzania
Brightness DAUDI, Tanzania
Danika SANDOVAL, Philippines
Daniyal BILAL, Pakistan
David ASARE, Ghana
Dominik RITTER, Germany
Dorene GODWIN, Tanzania
Elifrida RAPHAEL MMAKA, Tanzania
Ernesta PETER, Tanzania
Gaia DIAKHITE-BECERRA, Senegal/Spain/France
Godfrey MAGATI, Tanzania
Habibu ABDALLAH, Tanzania
Hailey BURCHARDT, Denmark/Tanzania
Hans-Alexandre ANAPAK-BAKA, Cameroon
Haochen LI, China
Honesty MMASY, Tanzania
Inocent MMASY, Tanzania
Isabelle ERBAR, Argentina
Jemimah LAYUG, Philippines
Jenny OTIENO, Kenya
Jeremy FEDERHEN, Germany
Jestina KANJU, Tanzania
Jillian LUBOYERA, South Africa
Jingyu ZHANG, China
John-Paul SMITH, Jamaica
Jonas JOE, South Korea
Joseph E. MATALU, Tanzania
Joyce ELIA, Tanzania
Julieth RAPHAEL MMAKA, Tanzania
Kanata BODECOT, France
Kanna ENDO, Japan
Kiran DWIVEDI, Belgium
Konrad SOLDT, Germany
Laura SCHMIDT, Germany
Leon STICKDORN, Germany
Leopold MUGABE, Uganda
Louis Manuel WIERS, Germany
Maria BRUSA, Italy
Mariamu MASHAKA, Tanzania
Marian LEMA, USA/Tanzania
Matthew COOKE, Ireland
Maximilian KUNTE, Canada/Germany
Mayla LENZ, Germany
Mbaraka HOZA, Tanzania
Michael PERRIN, Canada/Tanzania
Minael MJEMA, Tanzania
Natalie ADLER, Germany
Nisha DWIVEDI, Belgium
Nyatetu GATAMU, Kenya
Paulo MHANDO, Tanzania
Rafael MALINDA- HANEFELD, Germany/Kenya
Rahma ALLY MKALI, Tanzania
Rita GRABERT, USA/Russia
Samira KUKLA, Germany
Sarah SPERLING, Germany/Senegal
Sundali-Arundathi FERNANDO KURUKULASURIYA, Sri Lanka
Suzana RAPHAEL, Tanzania
Tariro SAKUPWANYA, Zimbabwe
Vincent JOE, South Korea
William E. MATALU, Tanzania
Winlisa GODWIN, Tanzania
Yasemin KUKLA, Germany
Yuan XIE, China

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  • Raphael Mmaka
    November 22, 2013 - 12:26 am · Reply

    Asante sana dada.i’am very glad (why?)because my children have been selected owing to their stories which they sent to you.I’am on the way beging for some other stories from my std four to seven pupils.Please pass my warm greetings to all especialy for those who paspated in drawing pictures for my pupils stories.Your work is good.God bless U.

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